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We find efficiencies in your finance and administrative services, allowing you to direct more resources to program services.

Offering expertise in:

  • Financial process reengineering
  • Policy development
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Financial system implementations
  • Gifts and grants management
  • Change management
  • Interim AVP/Controller services

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Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Unresolved significant deficiency is now a material weakness…

Your organization’s annual audit was just completed and some of the findings are repeats from the previous year, elevating what was a significant deficiency to a material weakness. 

We will help you get to the root cause of your organization’s issues and work with your team to implement solutions to address the findings with positive long-term results.

The monthly reports are late again…

Your accounting staff can never seem to get ahead.  Monthly and quarterly closings are always a “fire drill” and you are never confident that your annual audit and IRS Form 990 will be completed on time and free of major issues. 

We will examine your reporting process, revise your chart of accounts to more closely align with your financial statements and management reporting, and design diagnostic reports that will identify accounting entries that require further investigation and/or correction.

“We need additional help to catch up on…”

Your controller asks for temporary help on a regular basis to get “caught up” on what appear to be routine tasks – account reconciliations, allowance for doubtful account estimates, outstanding pledge reports and other critical financial management processes. 

We will review the financial processes of your organization and allocation of tasks across your financial team, eliminate non-value added processes, assess skills and ensure that competencies are aligned with the appropriate responsibilities.

Who’s keeping track of the consulting firm?

You’re the executive sponsor of a major transformational project for your organization, and due to the lack of available internal resources, you’ve hired a high-priced consulting firm to help. You and your team are finding it difficult to identify and allocate the internal resources to keep the project on track – data gathering is behind schedule, process changes have yet to be implemented and status reports have gone unread. You are in need of additional resources, but are hesitant to retain the expensive consultant for additional services.

We will serve as a cost-effective liaison between your organization and the consulting firm. We will manage the project, working with your team to gather the necessary data and streamline the workload for your team. We will identify and address issues, break the project down into manageable tasks and execute them alongside your team.

How will the new financial system affect my team? Do I need to add staff?

You are implementing a new financial system and the software company has yet to provide materials to explain how the processes will be changing.  The finance team and various users of the software are anxious about how they will meet their responsibilities. 

We will summarize the changes and prepare training and reference materials tailored to your processes. We will also be on-hand to assist with any questions during the transition.

The CFO is retiring and the controller has been recruited away…

Your CFO announced his retirement at the end of the year and you are just beginning a search for his replacement.  Your AVP/Controller has now found her dream job and has given her notice to leave in a month.  Your assistant controller is new and not ready to serve as interim AVP/Controller and you want to wait until after the new CFO is hired to permanently fill the AVP/Controller position. 

We can serve confidently as interim AVP or Controller, keeping projects and improvements on schedule until permanent replacements are found for the key positions.  

The new FASB standard does what?

FASB has just come out with another Accounting Standards Update (ASU).  You aren’t sure if it represents a major or minor change for your organization, and your overworked controller doesn’t have the time to summarize it for you. 

We will analyze the new ASU within the context of your organization’s activities and develop actionable work plans to implement the new requirements.

Let us help you solve your most vexing financial and operational issues!