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MS Wheeler Financial Services provides superior financial consulting services to help streamline operations for nonprofit and higher education clients.

Financial process reengineering

  • Document current processes
  • Identify extraneous tasks and missing internal controls
  • Implement new streamlined processes with strong internal controls

Organizational restructuring

  • Identify critical tasks and competencies to revise job descriptions
  • Gather data to right-size financial services departments
  • Assess employee skills and identify gaps
  • Align skills with responsibilities in a balanced organizational structure

Financial system implementations

  • Serve as translator between the functional and technical teams to describe system needs and constraints
  • Optimize the new chart-of accounts to capture required financial information
  • Assist with the conversion of legacy data
  • Develop efficient workflows

Change management

  • Collaborate with system implementation teams to identify the impacts of new systems on existing processes
  • Develop targeted communications, FAQ’s, training and other materials to share information and gather feedback
  • Identify changes in policy driven by system implementations

Policy development

  • Establish an organizational policy development process
  • Identify critical missing policies
  • Guide teams of subject-matter experts to draft policies
  • Facilitate a cross-functional team of policy reviewers
  • Deliver tools to communicate and socialize new policies

Accounting and financial reporting

  • Resolve non-compliance with GAAP in accounting or financial reporting
  • Assist with the implementation of new accounting and reporting standards
  • Address chart-of-account and procedural gaps to streamline financial reporting

Interim AVP/Controller services

  • Lead the financial services team to deliver critical financial processes, meet reporting deadlines, and avoid service interruptions
  • Address unfinished legacy projects, presenting the new AVP/Controller with a clean slate

Gifts and Grant Management

  • Review agreements for proper classification and counting
  • Streamline interim and final grant reporting
  • Improve endowment fund tracking and reporting